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Project Proposal

For my project I was thinking about focusing on the movie Memento. Because I am horrible with Mac computers and all the cool programs we’ve messed with up until this point, I am going to be focusing on creating a blog.  In this blog I would ideally like to have at least one visual aid and two or three written posts per week. Each week I will be discussing something from the movie and bringing either things I have learned from this class or some of my other classes to write blog posts.

For the first week I would like to create a couple  “movie in frames” for Memento. I would also like to write a post on Why I think Memento is a “serious/educational” film yet it still captures your attention. My second post will be discussing how Memento relate to psychology and memory. Lenny talks a lot about conditioning and habit. I remember watching this movie in my high school psychology class and I thought it was a good way to learn the material.

During the second week I would like to put together a map of all the places and people Lenny came in contact with. I’ve seen the movie a couple of times and still I get confused. Then I would like to write a post on how other people were manipulating him. My third will be on how at times he was manipulating himself even though he thinks he has a flawless system of making himself remember things in his life.

During week three I would like to focus on movies that start with the end and work their way back to the beginning. I thought The way this was done in Memento was fantastic! I haven’t really done the research on this, but one movie that comes to mind is Fight Club. Psychology and memory also come into play in this movie so I think the two movies will tie together nicely. Instead of a visual aid this week I would like to try to do a podcast. I don’t want it to be more than a couple minutes because I know its going to take me a long time to figure out.

For the final week I would like to screen shot the best scene from the movie. I haven’t figured out which scene I’m going to use yet but I have time. Since this is the final week of the project I would like to write a post bringing everything together with a nice conclusion.

So to wrap of this proposal, my project is going to be a blog about Memento. I will need a ridiculous amount of paper and a couple pens to do this project. I will probably be writing and rewriting blog posts. I want them to at least be 250 words since that was always the requirement for our posts.I’m probably going to need my friends help with figuring out how to do things and make my blog look super cool. He’s a computer nerd so I go to him for all my computer needs. Since I will be using the Macs at school I will be using the audio program on there for my podcast. I haven’t decided what I want to use for my “movies in frames” because I didn’t like what we used in class. My audience is obviously the class, but I think anyone who likes Memento and psychology will get a kick out of my blog. It’s safe to say I have my work cut out for me because I really hate Macs and the way they work. Being computer illiterate doesn’t help me either.

Black Swan Reaction

Watching the Black Swan is always a mind blowing experience. It really puts the constant struggle of perfection in perspective for people who normally don’t see this side of dancers. Natalie Portman was perfect in this movie. She had everything about a dancer down pack, from her body type to her personality to her thrive for perfection. I love movies involving dysfunction. Putting a dancer with an eating disorder as the main character was great because people only see the good things that come from being a performer not the bad. I wish they got a little movie in depth with the relationship of the mother and daughter because it is a big part of why Natalie’s character is the way she is. The unhealthiness of the relationship kills me. There would be hour upon hours of therapy sessions for these two women.

The video above is my favorite scene from the movie. In my opinion it brings the whole movie together nicely. Even the sound and lighting are perfect for this scene. The music just builds up the suspense and makes it more dramatic when the applause from everyone kicks in. The Lighting always makes her look angelic and at peace. Its crazy how she went through all this just to have a perfect performance. She sacrificed her own life for this version of perfection and she was perfectly happy with it. She was at peace with dying at the end. The lighting even makes it feel like that more when it slowly gets brighter and brighter like she is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. All in all it was a very entertaining and fulfilling movie.

Paperman Shot

Paperman's future girlfriend

Paperman’s future girlfriend

The Paperman must have folded and thrown dozens of paper airplanes out the window of his job to get this woman’s attention. A woman he only met for a brief moment. A woman who had the ability to brighten his day and make him feel alive again after feeling miserable and depressed for so long. He didn’t even have time to get her name before she was already on the train. All he had left was a piece a paper with her luscious red lips placed gently on it. This piece of paper was the only one folded into an airplane that made it to its intended receiver. Paperman had already given up at this point seeing that she had already left the building she was in. This original piece of paper with the lipstick mark achieved the impossible. This tiny paper airplane was able to bring two people who have only met once for a brief moment back together again. I chose this screen shot because this is the moment the paper airplane gets her attention. This is the moment when fate or destiny takes control over two strangers lives. I love the confused yet intrigued expression she has on her face and how the only color in the clip is the red lipstick. I love how she decides to follow a paper airplane with her lipstick on it. It’s amazing how something so simple can change a person’s life in a heartbeat. This is the moment of new beginnings and romance.

Movies in Frames

Movies in frames are as simple as they appear. You take four frames from a movie and put them together to make a statement. This is on Tumbrl, a site for social uses and entertainment purposes. You can share,comment, and follow. I would say it’s used for more creative rather than scholarly purposes, but you can obviously use it for both. I think it would be a good visual aid for a project.  I chose movies in frames because The Breakfast Club one caught my attention. It was the first one one the site and I was almost speechless. I always watch this movie at work because my boss is obsessed with Molly Ringwald (she kind of looks like her too). I completely understand why these frames were chosen, but if you haven’t seen the movie I think you’d be like, “oh-okay?” It takes looking at a girl head to toe a little too seriously. It definitely got me more interested in what was to come next as I scrolled down the page. I also like the idea of taking frames from a movie and doing what you want with them. You can arrangement the images in so many different ways! You can put the images in order so it is like your watching a short version of the movie. You can focus on one character like in The Breakfast Club. You can even focus on one particular scene. It’s so simple, yet there’s so many possibilities. I like when things are simple yet effective. Movies in frames get people reacting and thinking. I think its a new, refreshing way to look at movies. You’re not just sitting there watching a movie anymore. Now you have to think why the person arranged the images that way.

Molly Ringwald

Top 5 Favorite Movies: Twitter Style

Wreck It Ralph:

It’s like Candyland on crack!!! My favorite line of all time, “What’s going on in this candy coated heart of darkness.” I love that John C. Reilly is Ralph. Disney never disappoints me.


Completely hilarious. Who doesn’t like Paul Rudd and Hippies. It takes your mind away from the “real world.”

Alice in Wonderland(Tim Burton’s):

Alice in Wonderland +Tim Burton= AWESOME! Johnny Depp plays the weirdest character as usual. I just want to throw myself in Wonderland with all the cool things it has to offer.

Despicable Me:

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!!!” This movie definitely wins in adorableness. Three orphans getting adopted by a criminal. What could go wrong? Agnes gets me laughing every time.

The Boondock Saints:

Religious Irish men aka “good people” killing bad people. Makes perfect sense. Everything is just a big contradiction and I love it. Norman Reedus and Willem Dafoe make this movie amazing.


Personally I think that there are Donald films and Charlie films, but the line between them is thin. There are clearly movies out there that are meant to get you thinking, feeling, and reacting. They don’t need all the extra in your face action to make you think it’s a good movie.  There are also movies that you just watch to watch. They are purely for entertainment. Yes, you can find some meaning or life lesson in these movies, but you can do that with anything. I can look at the back of my Frosted Flakes cereal box right now and pull some sort of information out of it. What I took from the movie was that there’s a middle grown. I think people are reading too much into whether a movie is “serious” or “entertaining.” Why can’t a movie be both? People can take away whatever they want from a movie. If you think a movie was meaningful and had an amazing life lesson then great. If you thought it was just entertaining then great. Your still getting something from the movie.

The main character wanted so much to write a screenplay that was meaningful and life changing. He spent countless hours trying to make flowers this amazing movie. In other words he wanted to make  a “serious film. He realized it wouldn’t watch it if he was even able to finish writing it. He ended up with an “entertaining film” in the sense that it had drama and a love story. Ideally I think everyone wants to produce a serious film, but what you get after you put in things that the audience likes blurs the line. Is a movie not serous if you found it entertaining? I don’t know and that’s why I can’t label Adaptation as serious or entertaining. It was clearly meant to get you thinking, but it was also funny and entertaining. The movie was meant for you to see how movies are made. It shows how difficult it is to write and compose a “serious” movie and still have it be a hit. Entertaining movies are the money makers right now. How can you make someone think,feel, and reflect if all they want is to be entertained? Normally I don’t think about movies when I watch them. I’m not watching a movie to be educated. In the case of Adaptation I am. I have to read between the lines and think about how I feel. The first time I saw this movie I just watched it because it was on. I only understood what the movie was about when I watched it in class and was actually paying attention. I don’t think this movie needs to be seen multiple times to get what it’s about. I think as the viewer you have to put yourself in the mindset to see a “serious” movie.

Neighbors Trailer

I personally LOVE this trailer. I really enjoy Seth Rogen movies. There’s just something about him that makes you like him instantly. You like want to be his friend and laugh at all his jokes. There hasn’t been a movie that he was in where I didn’t laugh at some point or another. I’m so excited that he is married to Rose Byrne in this movie…like her of all people really? She’s so awkward and weird, but I think that’s why I like it. Let’s not even get started on Zac Efron. I can’t decide if I like him as an actor or not. I just can’t get over his High School Musical days. This trailer makes me laugh every time I watch it…and trust me I’ve watched it a lot. I was literally in tears the first time I saw it and I try to contain myself every time I have to watch it now…which is extremely hard. From a normal viewers point of view this trailer does everything it is supposed to. It has music that leads you into the theme of the movie. The trailer gives you an idea of what the movie will be about and shows you clips of the movie that will make people want to go see it. I know that they are different clips from different parts of the movie, but the way they put it together makes it seem like a mini movie.IT MAKES YOU LAUGH which is good because it is a comedy after all. Now that I have to pick it apart though, I wouldn’t say its good enough. I am afraid that all the clips they showed you in the trailer will be the only funny parts in the movie.This does tend to happen with a lot of movies these days…especially action films. That’s my only complaint about the trailer. Stop giving away all the good parts!!! But I’m still going to go see it regardless.